Sunday, 5 October 2008

A personal story about my firstborn

I just thought I would tell you about my oldest son Chris who is almost 20. Like most teenagers he can be a right pain, but occasionally they do something to surprise you. He is doing a HND in Sports Science at college and for the last month he has varied his exercise programme but the one thing he had being doing more of, was running. This morning just before I was about to leave for my wedding exhibition he asked me if "the old man" aka Dad, would run him through to a town called Denny. Asking him why, he announced that he was going to do a charity 10K run in aid of Strathcarron Hospice.
Strathcarron Hospice has Princess Anne as its patron and it is visited by her on a yearly basis.
Dad gave him the directions so that he could drive himself through as it was too early for him to get up on a Sunday morning . Also he didn't have a very good night's sleep (hubby is not keeping well). Chris had to register by 10.30am. I had asked if he had been collecting sponsorship money but he told me that his entrance fee of £10 was the sponsorship.
Well just before 1pm he called me to tell me that he had run the 10k in approximately 42 minutes! I was well chuffed for him. He also said that there had been professional runners there who had done it in 30 minutes but I didn't care as I thought 42 minutes was excellent. The poor wee soul has two blisters, one on each foot as a reward for his thoughtfulness. I thought he would have a nice quiet day after that but no, off he went to his black belt training in Tae Kwon Do. Had the training finished on time he was then going off to his new martial art class called Krav Maga. But thankfully it ran late, so he came home had some dinner and then being the very active person he is....went out again to the pictures. I asked him what are your going to see...."a film" he replies. >roll eyes here< a typical teenagers reply eh

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