Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year from dizaTIARAS

I hope 2013 brings everyone all they wish and hope for.  I cant believe its almost 18 months since I last wrote in my blog.  My duty as a carer has kept me too busy to update my blog and for that matter to even update my website. But I am still here and I am still creating and I have very many happy brides and customers.  These days you will find me on facebook.  Yes, I have got caught up and probably slightly addicted to social networking site.  I think its because it is easier to to say what is on your mind in a very short statement.  Blogs are much more work and require a lot more thought.  Its probably one reason why I never had a diary growing up.  Diary....whats a diary I hear you ask?  Its where you wrote down all your thoughts and dreams and wishes long before Blogs were ever invented....oh and they were would never publish it for any Tom Dick or Harry to read. I have slightly cheated as well as I have linked my facebook page to my Twitter account so that when ever I post on Facebook it appears on Twitter also.
Ok so what have I been creating in the last 18 months.....mmmmm well I have created quite a few I just hope I can remember what ones they are.
My newest tiara still to be named

Alice so called because it was for a wedding with Alice in Wonderland theme

Jennifer This is a combination of Grace tiara and Crystal tiara

Kara This is the original design for Karen but the bride wanted it to look more irregular

The revised Kara design called Karen

Lee This is my Grecian themed tiara

Siobhan designed for my daughters friend who was married in 2012

Tiffany so called because it is a top hat. This was also meant for the Alice in Wonderland themed wedding

There have also been new combs and jewellery as well but I think this is enough photos for one blog post.  But if you are too impatient to wait on my next blog post pop over to facebook where I add my new work more often.