Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Freshwater Pearls

I recently purchase some fresh water pearls. It is the first time that I have worked with them. I am amazed at my self for not even thinking about using them before. The pieces of jewellery are so beautiful that I am almost loathed to try and sell them. I am to attend a woman's guild evening tomorrow and I hope to impress them with my freshwater pearl collection. I purchased a selection of colour. Some large pink coloured pearls, gun metal small pearls and then a selection of cream/white and of various shapes freshwater pearls. Here are the photos of my new collection.
P.S. I just thought I would add that I think the tiara that I have at the top of this blog would look even more stunning if I used the freshwater pearls instead of the swarovski pearls in the design :)

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Hi Diana
I hope the evening gos well for you - I too love Freshwater Pearls they are so stunning
x Chris