Thursday, 2 October 2008

A missed opportunity

Today was full of highs and lows but the lows were really low. My uncle passed away last Friday and the funeral was today. My mum and my aunty are sisters, they are both Italian and they both married Polish men. Sadly my dad passed away in 2004 and today my uncle's funeral brought back all the harsh and sad realities of losing a parent.
My daughter was particularly upset, as seeing the coffin reminded her of her papa's funeral. After the funeral the family went home to my aunt's house where we all sat and remembered my uncle. The conversation sometimes being sad and sometimes happy as we laughed at some fond memories that we had of him. One of the stories that made us laugh was very recent. One evening just after my uncle had died, my cousin had asked my aunt if she would like a drink from the bottle of rum that my uncle had in the cupboard. As they drank it they had to spit it out. The rum had been watered down. There were 2 explanations for the rum being watered down. Because my uncle didn't keep well he wasn't supposed to drink. He either watered down the rum so he could drink it or he drank the rum and put water in it so that he wouldn't get into trouble for drinking when he wasn't supposed to! We all laughed at the two reasons. The other high of the day was my great nephew who is only 16 months old. It is almost impossible not to smile and laugh when you are in his company. He has such gorgeous brown eyes and an amazing smile.
The other high had me slightly shaking but almost as quickly I was deflated. It was a great opportunity had I been an expanding business, which sadly I am not. It is just me, myself, I. A gentleman from the BBC in Edinburgh had found my business through one of the Business forums that I frequent. He was hoping that I was an expanding business having trouble trying to get credit to do so. Had I been in this position I was to be interviewed and a film crew would have recorded the interview tomorrow. He had said what a pity that I wasn't in a position to expand as it would have been really good with me doing the wedding exhibition on Sunday.
I would have felt like a fraud had I said that I was trying to expand and I don't think I would have come across terribly well educated in the world of financial wheeling and dealing. i have had my fair share of media coverage in the past with various things that I have done in my life. Maybe I will tell you all about it sometime but not today. Life throws all kinds of things at you and all one can do is go with the flow. Rest in Peace Uncle Kajik

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