Friday 26 November 2010

Looking forward to the New Year

This time of year always goes very quiet for me probably because I dont push my jewellery enough. Maybe next year I will try and do something about it. SO in the meantime I have already started looking towards a couple of events for next year. Apart from all my usual wedding fayres at the start of the new year, which I might add can be quite a few, I have two other events that I am quite excited about. The first, I am hoping will bring me a little bit of business for next year, is Miss Falkirk 2011 being organised by a girl called Fiona, who's business is called Extensions by Fiona. She has asked me to design two tiaras by way of sponsorship. One for the winner and two for second and third runner up. The design was being left totally up to me. I have also offered a prize of a necklace to the winner which I have still to make. I decided I wanted to make something that said Falkirk and nothing says Falkirk more than the oldest landmark in Falkirk, The Steeple
The local football team have managed to immortalise The Steeple in a simple design to promote their club, so taking the basic shape of the design I managed to create my winners tiara for Miss Falkirk 2011. Here is my take on the design.  As you can see my drawing is not up to much but I knew what I wanted to create.

Here is the finished tiara

The next idea I had was to make the runner up tiara design on Falkirks newest landmark. The Falkirk Wheel. I used the lines and shapes from the Falkirk Wheel to come up with this design.

And here is the finished design.
The other event I am looking forward too but unfortunately I am not directly involved with is The Royal Wedding. I guess its nice to dream that maybe one day I might have the honour of being By Royal Appointment but in the meantime I consider all my brides to be Princesses in Waiting. So I designed a traditional looking tiara fit for a princess for my brides being married in 2011. Here it is and it is called Catherine.