Thursday, 25 September 2008

An old press release

Last year, on reading some information on a business forum about press releases, I decided to do one for myself. In a letter I sent to a local newspaper I described my wire wrapped jewellery. As a result I received a phone call several months before Christmas of 2007 from a young reporter called Jennifer Marjoribanks. She came to the house and asked me lots of questions about my work. Then a few days later a photographer called and took the picture of me. I really hate my picture being taken as I am not photogenic but the one that was published was quite a good photo. The article was on the back page of this huge newspaper where new businesses were often features. and it was also in the free newspaper put through many doors in my district. It can still be read online in the Falkirk Herald website. As a result of the article I received a phone call and someone one sent me a nice email about my work. The following Spring I sold quite a few pieces at a wedding exhibition.
I have only just noticed (typical of me...dizzy by name and dizzy by nature)that the story was published on the internet the day after my birthday last year! But it didnt appear in the newspaper till near Christmas.
Oh no I hear you it only a few months before Christmas again. Well if you are stuck for a present then why not buy your loved one some handmade jewellery or something a wee bit more unusual like a wire wrapped pendant or bracelet. You can see my wire wrapped work either on my main website or here

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The day I made a Bride cry

I promise you I wasn't being horrible. They were tears of joy....not sadness. Susanne had been busy organising her wedding. There were plenty of volunteers advising her on absolutely everything that she and her husband to be, needed to do to have this perfect day. On the day that she came to see me, she came all by herself. Susanne had decided that this one tiny thing would be hers alone to organise. After scanning my website for various designs as well as trying on what I had in my sample stock, Susanne decided on a very tall tiara. She liked the height of Arlene but she also wanted the crystals along the base as in Victoria and she also wanted to add her own style to it. She wanted 5 extra tear drops place through out the design and she wanted to add colour. This was very important to her to have a little bit of colour going through it. The colour she chose was tanzanite. I promised Susanne I would do all those little extras to her chosen tiara. The day came for Susanne to pick up her tiara. Again she came alone without her family to pick this tiara up. Well I had no idea how much it meant to her to design her own special tiara for her special day without all her usual advisor's, until she burst into tears. She absolutely loved her tiara. Susanne gave me a hug and couldn't stop thanking me for her tiara. I will never forget that day that I made a bride cry out of happiness for one of my designs. It will be with me for the rest of my life. This tiara is called Susanne.

A family affair

I think I must be doing something right when 3 young ladies from the same family have all come to me to make their tiaras and jewellery. Now probably you could say "so you mean the bride and her 2 bridesmaid" Well yes you would be right except it was or is the 3 ladies that are being married and they had their respective retinues.
First to use my skills was Kirsty in 2006. Then in 2007 her sister Carole was married.
And this year, this very weekend 20th September Kirsty and Carole's cousin Debbie is to marry her man of her dreams. I had the pleasure of helping these young ladies complete their perfect wedding day outfit with my tiaras and accessories. If you visit my testimonial page you will see both Kirsty and Carole. Debbie has promised that the computer expert out of the 3 of them (Carole) will provide me with some pictures of her wedding day to add to my gallery.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Happy customers

Today I received a thank you card from Louise, one of my many lovely brides. She was absolutely gorgeous. On the front of her thank you card was three pictures. In one of the pictures you can clearly see the side tiara that I had made for her. But what caught my attention more in this photograph was her wedding cake. It was incredibly cute. It was a pink cake with a white iced Scottie dog on top of it. I just thought Awwwww how can you eat him, hes soooo cute! Louise kindly gave me a link to her online photo album so that I could enjoy her pictures of her wedding day.
It is always lovely to get feed back from your customers and I love hosting a few of their wedding pictures on my website. It makes the testimonials real....seeing real people associated with the letters of thanks. I haven't put Louise's thank you note on the website yet but keep watching it will be there soon. In the meantime if you are curious to know which side tiara she was wearing, then it it was called Layla1 and you can see it on this page here

Monday, 15 September 2008

Sara to Taslin

My bride had come to me through a referral from a young lady called Sam
She brought with her a black feathered fascinator that she had bought from a shop. She wanted a tiara similar in shape to the fascinator. Her colour scheme was to be olivine, topaz, dorado and clear swarovski crystals. I was excited about the choice of colour as the bride explained that her dress had been ordered from India and was due in anytime soon, and she wanted the headdress ready to try on with the dress when it arrived in the shop. Two week before her wedding, I received a call from Sara. The shop still hadn’t taken delivery of her wedding dress, so a last minute decision was taken to go with her second choice of dress, a cream/ivory creation. But Sara had also spent money on her shoes and jewellery and had decided that she want to keep the olivine theme going, but she felt that her side tiara would also now need to incorporate the cream/ivory colour.
Although I was sad at not getting to see the original tiara with the unusual coloured wedding dress I was also excited about further enhancing the tiara by filling in all the wires with crystals and pearls. I told Sara what I wanted to do for her this time and although it was going to cost her a bit more she was happy for me to expand my creativeness.
Sara was delighted with the finished side tiara. I felt that the tiara has an oriental look to it. Like something out of The King and I and I once again asked Sara to name the tiara. Sara has an Asian friend and decided to call the tiara after her. This is how Sara became Taslin

The launch of dizaTIARAS blog

Ok this is my very first post as dizaTIARAS. I have a little hobby business making tiaras and jewellery. It is a really nice business to be in. Making something nice and sparkly for beautiful brides and bridesmaids to wear on a very special day. It's nice to know that I have made something to finish of a lovely outfit. It is usually stress free and very theraputic which is great when you have a house full of teeangers
I have 3 teenagers and a lovely husband. When I am not running after my lot or creating a new tiara or making jewellery then I also help my sister to care for my mum. It is a very busy life as even after all that I also photograph my own work and put it on the website I created to showcase my tiaras and jewellery. Then if that is not enough I am also a childrens liturgy leader in my church and I also created and maintain a church website.
Now lets see...the list so far....Mum, Wife, (and all the work that entails eg, cooking, house cleaning, washing, shopping, taxi driving etc) Carer, Craft Person (tiaras, jewellery, fascinators, wire wrapped jewellery), Amature Photographer and Amature Website Builder (on to my third project for a local florist), Children's Liturgy Leader and Website Master. Is it any wonder that I sometimes question my sanity?