Thursday, 21 May 2009

Honest Scrap

Thank you to Carolee from Carolee Crafts for giving me the night mare job of trying to think up of 10 things about myself that are true. I have used the heading to link back to Carolee's blog or you can go to it via my Blog List.

1. I definitely spend to much time on the computer.
2. I struggle with my weight cause I like food.
3. I get embarrassed at charging people for my work.
4. I am my worst critic.
5. My family comes before my work.
6. I worry that I will not complete a project in time for an occasion although this has not happened yet.
7. I like helping other people
8. I have difficulty in saying "no" to requests from family and friends even when I am busy.
9. I like wine although 2 glasses makes me fall asleep.
10. This list was quite difficult to come up with and I don't know 7 people to pass on the award as I have been too busy to go look for other blogs to follow.

So I am passing on the award to
Chris from Kiamyka
Dichro-Findings who is following me
I'd like to also nominate Chrissy who is also following me but I am not sure if she has a blog.
And finally ...well I don't have any other blogs I follow at the moment so you can insert a rather embarrassed smiley here

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Substance Abuse Charity Event

Last evening I attended a charity event at our local Golf Club. It was the anniversary of a young man who lost his life to substance abuse and money was being raised to get young people off the streets and into sports before they get in contact with substances like cannabis. I attended this event with people and family from the table tennis association who are one of the sporting areas that these children are encouraged to take up. For quite a serious event it was absolutely fab. The were having a race night. This involves betting 50p per horse per 8 horse race to win anything from £1 to £5 back. For another £2.50 you were allowed to name a horse. Our horse was called Jammy Dodger. I don think he won. The very final race they asked people to bid on a horse. We bought a horse for £15 but some of the horses were getting £50 and £75 and this was coming from a group of young people. Amazingly our horse which ended up being the cheapest won the race! So when the prize raffle draw came and the young ones were wining them all we didn't grudge them as they deserved to win what with parting with all that money. There was also a small buffet of sausage rolls and sandwiches so bang went my diet! The evening ended with a disco I don't know what the final amount was raised as we left early, before midnight. As a house wife, mum, carer and then hobby business woman I thoroughly enjoyed my night out as they are far and few between.