Monday, 15 September 2008

Sara to Taslin

My bride had come to me through a referral from a young lady called Sam
She brought with her a black feathered fascinator that she had bought from a shop. She wanted a tiara similar in shape to the fascinator. Her colour scheme was to be olivine, topaz, dorado and clear swarovski crystals. I was excited about the choice of colour as the bride explained that her dress had been ordered from India and was due in anytime soon, and she wanted the headdress ready to try on with the dress when it arrived in the shop. Two week before her wedding, I received a call from Sara. The shop still hadn’t taken delivery of her wedding dress, so a last minute decision was taken to go with her second choice of dress, a cream/ivory creation. But Sara had also spent money on her shoes and jewellery and had decided that she want to keep the olivine theme going, but she felt that her side tiara would also now need to incorporate the cream/ivory colour.
Although I was sad at not getting to see the original tiara with the unusual coloured wedding dress I was also excited about further enhancing the tiara by filling in all the wires with crystals and pearls. I told Sara what I wanted to do for her this time and although it was going to cost her a bit more she was happy for me to expand my creativeness.
Sara was delighted with the finished side tiara. I felt that the tiara has an oriental look to it. Like something out of The King and I and I once again asked Sara to name the tiara. Sara has an Asian friend and decided to call the tiara after her. This is how Sara became Taslin

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