Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Happy customers

Today I received a thank you card from Louise, one of my many lovely brides. She was absolutely gorgeous. On the front of her thank you card was three pictures. In one of the pictures you can clearly see the side tiara that I had made for her. But what caught my attention more in this photograph was her wedding cake. It was incredibly cute. It was a pink cake with a white iced Scottie dog on top of it. I just thought Awwwww how can you eat him, hes soooo cute! Louise kindly gave me a link to her online photo album so that I could enjoy her pictures of her wedding day.
It is always lovely to get feed back from your customers and I love hosting a few of their wedding pictures on my website. It makes the testimonials real....seeing real people associated with the letters of thanks. I haven't put Louise's thank you note on the website yet but keep watching it will be there soon. In the meantime if you are curious to know which side tiara she was wearing, then it it was called Layla1 and you can see it on this page here

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