Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A family affair

I think I must be doing something right when 3 young ladies from the same family have all come to me to make their tiaras and jewellery. Now probably you could say "so you mean the bride and her 2 bridesmaid" Well yes you would be right except it was or is the 3 ladies that are being married and they had their respective retinues.
First to use my skills was Kirsty in 2006. Then in 2007 her sister Carole was married.
And this year, this very weekend 20th September Kirsty and Carole's cousin Debbie is to marry her man of her dreams. I had the pleasure of helping these young ladies complete their perfect wedding day outfit with my tiaras and accessories. If you visit my testimonial page you will see both Kirsty and Carole. Debbie has promised that the computer expert out of the 3 of them (Carole) will provide me with some pictures of her wedding day to add to my gallery.

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