Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The day I made a Bride cry

I promise you I wasn't being horrible. They were tears of joy....not sadness. Susanne had been busy organising her wedding. There were plenty of volunteers advising her on absolutely everything that she and her husband to be, needed to do to have this perfect day. On the day that she came to see me, she came all by herself. Susanne had decided that this one tiny thing would be hers alone to organise. After scanning my website for various designs as well as trying on what I had in my sample stock, Susanne decided on a very tall tiara. She liked the height of Arlene but she also wanted the crystals along the base as in Victoria and she also wanted to add her own style to it. She wanted 5 extra tear drops place through out the design and she wanted to add colour. This was very important to her to have a little bit of colour going through it. The colour she chose was tanzanite. I promised Susanne I would do all those little extras to her chosen tiara. The day came for Susanne to pick up her tiara. Again she came alone without her family to pick this tiara up. Well I had no idea how much it meant to her to design her own special tiara for her special day without all her usual advisor's, until she burst into tears. She absolutely loved her tiara. Susanne gave me a hug and couldn't stop thanking me for her tiara. I will never forget that day that I made a bride cry out of happiness for one of my designs. It will be with me for the rest of my life. This tiara is called Susanne.

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