Friday, 28 May 2010

To wear a tiara or not to wear a tiara.....

To wear a tiara or not to wear a tiara that is the question!
It is a very personal decision and ranks high with what jewellery to wear and whether or not to wear a veil. There are no hard and fast rules about how you should look but everyone has an idea and often it can become quite confusing about what is right and what is not.
My rule is if it doesn't feel comfortable then don't wear it, by that I mean if you feel you don't look right in it then don't be pressurised into wearing any of them.
If you want to dress up you hair then I would definitely suggest a visit to dizaTIARAS. I am a small home based hobby business and I aim to help you make this decision. There is never any pressure for you to place an order and I am happy for you to say that you would prefer to think about it than making any rash decisions.
So when should you think about making an appointment.
No less than 3 months before the wedding or a soon as you have your wedding dress if you cant wait. But if you decide the week before your wedding that maybe you would like a tiara then please give me a call. I will always do my best to accommodate you and produce what you want in plenty of time for your special day. It is best to order early as this allows you to have hair trials with your hair stylist.
Often, in the wedding shop, tiaras are place on your head to give you the overall look and sometimes you will instantly fall in love with the tiara that is placed on your head and you will buy it on impulse. That is ok but if you haven't fallen instantly in love with it then please don't dismiss the idea of wearing a tiara. Tiaras come in very many different styles and here at dizaTIARAS I try to make as many different designs as possibly. If you don't see something you like, then if you can describe it, then I will try and create it for you.
Working from home means I don't have shop overheads, which in turn allows me to create high quality product at amazingly affordable prices. What's amazing about it it the bespoke service I offer. All my designs can be changed and altered to suit your colour scheme or simply if you wish to change the components within the design makes each tiara truly unique to you and your wedding.
Can't decide if a tiara is for you.
Come along and try on the very many different samples I have and bring your friend, your mum and your bridesmaids. Its fun trying them all on and I promise there is no hard sales push. The hardest part once you have decided on the style of tiara is customising it for your wedding party. Many times I have had brides to be saying to me, I didnt realise there was so many decisions to make in choosing a tiara. But you can tell they are delighted because there are getting the high quality accessories exactly as they imagine it at an affordable price!

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