Monday, 15 February 2010

Two recent makes

I am in the middle of trying to renew some of my designs by either remaking them or creating new designs. The first 2 were originally made using fashion, bugle and seed beads and below them are the same side tiaras made up using swarovski crystals, bugle and seed beads.

Here are the designs using the better quality materials.

Then I have been busy making some new designs.
The first was inspired by my hugely popular Elaine tiara and equally liked Stella tiara.
The new design is called Celeste as I think it looks like a star burst and shooting star in one design. To me Celeste means heavenly and that is where we find the stars, heaven wards.
The second design is a solid band of flowers. The crystal pearls have been wired together to form daisy type flowers. I though about calling it Daisy but as there were so many packed together I thought it looked more like a blossom of flowers. Hence the name Blossom. Blossom can be customised by so many different colours I think it will be a great hair accessory to any outfit.


Carol said...

Love your work, it is very elegant and classy.

Miss Val's Creations said...

These are gorgeous. I love Blossom since it is versatile and could be worn on various occasions!