Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I hope 2010 is a good one for everyone. I have no new year resolutions but I decided to stop using Twitter. So my apologies to you if you were following me there. I have decided to try and use my blog a bit more. Mainly because I felt restricted by the number of characters you could use on twitter. I don't ever have very much to say but I found that when I did have something to say, I could never quite say it in the 140 characters that were allowed. I also found that some poeple were obsessed with getting people to follow them and I found myself following people that had nothing in common with me and said things I had no interest in.
I also did a wee change my tiara website. I removed the colour strip down the side off the page. Seems a bit insignificant but I felt the colour strip made the website look amateurish. Which of course it probably still does as like my tiaras the website is home and hand made. I am quite proud of it as I have never had any formal tuition on website building. My first ever website was for my local parish and I am in the middle of a fourth redesign for the church. I actually like this website the best and that is why I was prompted to make the slight change to my tiara website. The church website can be seen here
I also did a small 3 page website for my local florist. She had a website domain for years but had not been successful in getting the website set up. So I took it as a challenge to create one for her. Her shop colours are pink and black, so I took this to the website. I felt that the colour was too similar to my own so that is why I removed my coloured sidebar.
Any way enough about my computer skills. "Have you created anything new Diana" I hear you all shouting at the computer screen. Of course I am hoping you haven't got bored and stopped reading by now! Ok Just before Christmas I had a young lady who was looking for a thin hair band with some ornate wire work. I showed her Alison and Carmela but she liked the idea of the tiara being thin like Dawn and Dawn 1. So basically she gave me free reign to create her a new style. I love brides like that! Any way here is the tiara and I named it after her Sarah.

I just remembered that I also made a comb from the hairband that I made for myself for my nieces wedding in October, for a mother of the groom, and it turned out lovely. It is from the Olivia side tiaras.


Unknown said...

I have the pleasure of passing the sunshine award to you for your blog, you have beautiful tiaras.


Unknown said...

Hi Diana, I don't know where the award originates from but I do think it's a great idea, it's a great motivator for people who loves to create. I added the sunshine award logo onto my blog page and now you have the pleasure to choose 12 bloggers who you would like to pass on the award that is where I read about it from Elissa from Not Just Handbags. I am happy that you are happy to receive the award, I wish you lots of success.