Friday, 6 November 2009

Just remembered I have a blog

Its an age thing and time thing and time consuming thing and a busy thing. I could blame it on so many things but basically I have been procrastinating. There have been times when I think "that would make a good blog" but, I would find an excuse not to post it. ie taking son to his class, running hubby to work, doing mums shopping....the list is endless!
Ok so what have I been doing that is new? Well my niece got married a few weeks ago and I have lots of pictures of new things that I have made that are now part of my samples. Unfortunately for my customers I don't have her tiara as I made it for her to keep. It is called Anastasia. I also made her jewellery.

Maria is wearing a new fascinator called Colette. This one is still to be added to the website.

Zena is wearing a new design called Fabiana and I am wearing a new creation called Olivia.
The lovely little boy between us is my sisters grandson...making me a great aunty!



Diane good to see you blogging again
I have exciting news on mine xx

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love the tiara and the simplicity of the jewelry! Beautiful job!