Saturday, 20 August 2011

New Makes

My recent makes were bespoke tiaras for a bride, first communions and a little ice skater.
Front View

Side View
 This tiara is called Shirley after the brides mother.  The design is based on the embroidery on the wedding dress.
This tiara has a double barrel named after the little girl it was made for. It was a First Communion tiara and the little girls communion dress had a shamrock design on it. It is called Caitlin Ciara.
My other communion tiara was designed by the grandmother and I interpreted her design using sterling silver. To make it more affordable I changed the design slightly by removing the initial E and using silver plated wire. Here are the 2 designs. The first is the sterling silver one, the second picture is the silver plated version.
Erica in sterling silver

Silver plated Erica

I designed this tiara to match Megan's ice skating dress. Here is a picture of her dress for you to see how I came about the idea.

A happy Megan

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Silver Thistle Beads said...

These are all stunning, Just shows how versatile the tiara is :-) Looking forward to seeing some more of your work soon :-) Hope your fairs have been going well too :-)

Francesca xx