Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Speak of True Love, A peom by Nicola Sanderson

This Poem was written by Nicola Sanderson for the occasion of Helen Jackson & David Leslie's wedding on the 4th September 2010. It was read at the service in St Wilfrids Church, Burnsall. If you wish to use it for your wedding please remember to credit the penning of this poem to Nicola Sanderson. Thank you.

Speak of True Love
By Nic Sanderson for Helen and Dave

“Come talk of love” you ask,
though countless bards were buried by the task,
for where is love, that we may
drive a pin in it - a butterfly displayed.
Has play, book, verse or essay ream
encompassed its expansive meaning?

Is love encircled by a golden band
or in old age by a comforting hand?
More than desire and longer than life,
a partner through all their pain and strife,
that they would walk hot coals at your behest,
or simply knowing someone likes you best?

Is love heart’s swoop upon first meeting,
or that still it soars on one thousandth greeting?
Entwining souls, a perfect match,
is it fate, a gift, or a fine catch?
Is it the romantic walks on the shore?
Yes, it is this.  And yet it’s more.

When sent in search of love’s true bloom
I consulted our friends, the bride and groom
They said ‘sleepy kisses when first stirred,
or still laughing at lines the second time heard
looking forward to meeting when homeward bound,
Perhaps it’s here that love is found.

They spoke of a caring, trusting bond,
pride in each other and warm fondness,
being a team right from the start,
acceptance of flaws with full heart,
romantic watery settings that portend
to a pair more than special and best of friends

Love is, then, all of this… and none,
for here, today, is love’s definition won
with two short words, and one heart’s beat,
you lay all your tomorrows at love’s feet.
Speak of love you say?
But it is you who teach us all of love, this day.

© Nicola Sanderson

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