Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Joseph's Technicolour Dreamcoat

Last night I was out at the Theatre with my sister and my niece to see this production. It is the third time I have seen it. Forth if you include a school version. I can honestly say regardless of who is in the show be they professional or amateur, I love it. I enjoy listening to the music, singing and dancing along with it all. Last nights version with Craig Chalmers, Anthony Haston and I think it was Tara Bethan, all from various productions on BBC to find the next new stage stars was well performed and very enjoyable and boy did they have to work the audience! I have never come across and audience that was so unresponsive to such a lively production as I did last night. They were so incredibly boring and I am sure half of them were actually asleep. At one point, when the dancers came into the audience, me and my sister and my niece were the only ones up dancing with the cast. There were a few amused faces around us as we made an exhibition of ourselves. But we didn't care, we were enjoying ourselves and I am sure the cast of this production appreciated our efforts. So please what ever you do, if you go along to one of these productions no matter where in the country, then please join in. These actors/singers work hard for your enjoyment and if they ask you to join in then show your appreciation by doing so!

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