Sunday, 19 April 2009

Easter story

Last Sunday I decided to have the family over for a buffet Easter lunch. We had cauliflower fritters, pizza, cold meats, rice, salad and lots of different pickles. A cheesecake my niece made and apple pie. All washed down with either wine, beer or soft drinks. My teenagers were a bit confused by this as we haven't really celebrated Easter since my dad died 5 years ago during Holy Week. But I decided it was now time to do so. It was a lovely day. I had finished the tiara I made for my brothers daughter who is getting married this October. She had chosen the Amy tiara. Now Amy is a lovely simple side tiara suitable for brides, bridesmaids and guests. She had shown me a picture of her dress and it was also a very simple elegant design but there is a pattern on the bodice that I decided I could use to enhance this tiara. Needless to say I didn't tell my niece I was going to do this. When she saw it she was absolutely delighted with it. Now this tiara will not be available to anyone else until the Autumn and it will only be sold to brides who's weddings happen after my nieces. Here it is and my niece Stephanie has called it Anastasia.

I am also working on a tiara for a distant cousin of my husband who is getting married in August. She has requested a chunky hairband with a mixture of cyrstals and pearls. As I was making it up though I decided to take this picture as I decided that it would make a lovely simple hairband for a bride or bridesmade. Once it is complete I will post another picture of it on a future blog.
Finally my Easter story. At church today we had a Priest from Xavarian Fathers. he was there to raise money. During a service one of the things a priest says is "The Lord be with you" and the congregation answers "And also with you" Well this morning just after the welcome blessing the Priest decided to say hello to us all first. He asked if his mic was working and we all replied "Yes Father" He then continued "I ask because I don't know if you have heard this little story" "A visiting priest to another parish had started his mass and he was convinced that his mic was not working. The visiting priest said out aloud and into the mic just after the welcome blessing I think there is something wrong with this mic to which the faithful followers all replied And also with you
Needless to say we all had a wee chuckle. His sermon was quite interesting also. He was out in Sierra Leone in 1998. There was a lot of unrest with rebels and murders and children being recruited into the Rebel Army and people's hands and feet being chopped off. It sounded quite awful. The priest along with others and 6 Sisters were abducted and held hostage. During the time before they managed to get away several of the Sisters were murdered by the rebels. He said that at the time they wondered what was behind all of these terrible crimes. It was all to do with diamonds and the funding of terrorism.
It was quite a sermon. It often makes you wonder what makes a man or woman of God put their own lives in so much danger. It make you feel quite humble that they are willing to go in and help the poor unfortunate people in these third world countries.
I hope you all had a peaceful and happy Easter.