Thursday, 25 September 2008

An old press release

Last year, on reading some information on a business forum about press releases, I decided to do one for myself. In a letter I sent to a local newspaper I described my wire wrapped jewellery. As a result I received a phone call several months before Christmas of 2007 from a young reporter called Jennifer Marjoribanks. She came to the house and asked me lots of questions about my work. Then a few days later a photographer called and took the picture of me. I really hate my picture being taken as I am not photogenic but the one that was published was quite a good photo. The article was on the back page of this huge newspaper where new businesses were often features. and it was also in the free newspaper put through many doors in my district. It can still be read online in the Falkirk Herald website. As a result of the article I received a phone call and someone one sent me a nice email about my work. The following Spring I sold quite a few pieces at a wedding exhibition.
I have only just noticed (typical of me...dizzy by name and dizzy by nature)that the story was published on the internet the day after my birthday last year! But it didnt appear in the newspaper till near Christmas.
Oh no I hear you it only a few months before Christmas again. Well if you are stuck for a present then why not buy your loved one some handmade jewellery or something a wee bit more unusual like a wire wrapped pendant or bracelet. You can see my wire wrapped work either on my main website or here


Carolee Crafts said...

Well done for joining Blogland

Kiamyka said...

Hi Diana
Good to see another Blogger - I read it all with interest - the press release is a great idea!
xx Chris